Liu Yinchun, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, went to Welio

time:2021.05.31 Click volume:1701


On the morning of May 28, 2021, Liu Yinchun, Deputy Secretary General of Beijing municipal government, and his delegation came to Welion new energy research and guidance. Zhai Lixin, deputy secretary of the Party group of Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology and director of Zhongguancun Management Committee, Gao Wujun, deputy head of Fangshan District, Yang Pu, director of the material system Department of the Municipal Commission of science and technology, Hou Ying, director of the Automobiles Department of the Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, Wei Jin, director of Beijing new materials and new energy science and technology development center, and Li Aijun, director of Fangshan District Bureau of economy and information technology, accompanied the investigation.


Secretary General Liu and his party successively visited the new energy exhibition hall, laboratory and pack line of Welion. Yu Huigen, chairman / general manager of the company, accompanied him and reported on the process flow, technological breakthrough and product market application of Weilan new energy in solid-state battery.


At the research and exchange meeting, chairman Yu Huigen reported in detail the achievements of the company in recent years and the future industrial planning in Fangshan District to Secretary General Liu and all leaders. Secretary General Liu and other leaders fully affirmed the achievements of Welion new energy in the field of solid-state batteries, placed high expectations on the industrialization of solid-state batteries in Fangshan District, and hoped that Weilan could make greater contributions to promoting the innovation and development of Beijing's industry. Secretary General Liu said: the Beijing municipal government will focus on the implementation of major scientific and technological innovation industrialization projects with regional driving effect, be a good "service housekeeper", promote the continuous optimization and improvement of industrial innovation ecology, and strive to achieve the common rapid growth and leapfrog development of local and institutions.

Welion new energy will unite as one and devote all its efforts to the research and development of solid-state batteries, accelerate the industrialization process of all solid-state batteries with the support and care of government leaders at the urban level, and contribute to the high-quality development of the capital.