Beijing Welion new energy held the promotion ceremony of R & D technology sequen

time:2021.09.20 Click volume:6969


On the morning of September 18, Welion new energy held the promotion ceremony of R & D technology sequence in the pack workshop. More than 40 leaders and promoted employees of the company attended the promotion conference. The meeting was presided over by Zhao Lanlan, the human resources manager. Yu Huigen, the general manager of the company, and other leaders attended the meeting and issued letters of employment to the promoted personnel. The promotion representative sincerely shared his learning and growth process in the company.


General manager Yu Huigen delivered a speech, fully affirmed the ability and contribution of the promoted personnel, pointed out the direction for everyone's future development, shook hands with the on-site promoted personnel one by one, congratulated them, and encouraged them to continue to forge ahead, be realistic and realistic, pursue their dreams and realize their dreams, forge ahead and grow together with the company.


The rank promotion of R & D technology sequence is the beginning of opening up the dual channel of career. We believe that more excellent talents will be identified, developed and shine on the platform of satellite blue.

The human resources department established the qualification management system this year, which aims to provide clear and clear development channels for employees. The first sequence of professional R & D and operation certification will be carried out in succession this year